Joshua Tree Rocks

I have nothing against travelogues; I am just not inclined to largely have a documentation of my trip and the features of a place. What I have been aiming for is to present a divine perspective, aura or drama in a place. That aim takes me back again and again to places like the Joshua Tree National Park in California. No matter how I plan my trip, however, I find myself facing unexpected situations. The weather forecast may say  my destination will be partly cloudy but actually its sky may be drab and sunny. Disappointment slightly sneaks in as the pre-visualized dramatic images that I would like to take are not feasible.

The turnaround: although prepared for the forecast, I tackle the unexpected.

No beautiful cloudy skies; so I zero in on the rocks and grounds for the center of interest and/or the background.

Behold, unexpected rock climbers. I asked this adventurous couple if I could take their photos while they were climbing Joshua Tree’s rock walls.

This I learned indeed: forecast and prepare for the expected but readily, creatively, and effectively tackle the unexpected.

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