Impressionist Photo Alternatives for Gorman Hills

Let me share with you these photos I took of Gorman Hills in California. There are two versions: a sharp one and an impressionist one. Gorman Hills Image 7253  Sharp Version

Gorman Hills Image 7253 Impressionist Version

You may view my other Gorman Hills photos with two versions at my website  .  If you like any of  these  Gorman Hills photos, you may want to have the chance to receive one free printed photo of your choice as a present from me.  Just send me your answer to the single question on which type of photos you like (the sharp ones, the impressionist ones or both). Click on  this link to give your response.  This question and/or this instance of expression will cease to exist  by the 30th of  June, 2010 so  please send me your response before that date.                                           

Two lucky persons who answer the question through the link above will each receive a free 8.5" x 10" printed Gorman photo from me. My wife and my cat will choose ten possible recipients. I will spin a wine bottle (after I empty its contents) to point to the two lucky recipients and I will  then get in touch with them by the 1st week of July, 2010.  Recipients can obtain their printed photo gift either from my representative's  office in the U.S. or from my Makati, Philippines address (please refer to my website to know these addresses).  Based on  standards in the photography industry, the recipient of a photo, who can be from anywhere,  has to be willing to answer for the cost of shipping the printed copy.  To preserve proprietary rights and to ensure professional quality standards, I cannot provide print quality electronic copies of my photos. 


Bernie B