In The Land Of Make Believe

(This was originally posted last May 2, 2011 in my original blog

Life is a tangled circus in Hollywood, the land of make believe, and it’s our kids’ debut to the real world. Because of Hollywood’s pervasive influence, humans have been made to believe:

• To act like a star when the camera rolls

• There were persons that have been stars

• The starstruck believe certain mortals are stars and wait for hours to see these stars

• Beauty, through cosmetics such as Botox, can be skin-deep

• That drugs, like marijuana, can be summarily prescribed to cure various physical and mental illnesses

• Religion’s distinction from science stopped

To view Hollywood, families drive a labyrinth of roads for the city walk to see commercial art purveyed by movie studios and businesses. All the while, non-commercial art is hardly visible as it is consigned to garbage alleys. Non-commercial artists, on the other hand, purvey their “make believe” nether world.

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