By the Los Angeles River

Down by the river, I saw:

  • Wild geese marching off like cars on the freeway in the early morning  
  • A teenage girl biker entering the gates to the river’s  pathways
  • Doves on the powerlines
  • A dove among the rods on the concrete floodway
  • Horsemen coming through from their tunnel under the I-5 freeway

  • Geese flying above an equestrian riding back to her stables
  • Serious and not-so-serious joggers
  • The creepy shadow of a palm tree growing on a concrete wall
  • A photographer’s shadow on the graffiti
  • Homeless wanderers resting
  • Bikers in all shapes
  • Guys fishing
  • White herons fishing
  • A man who must be stopped from feeding wild fowls  

I have posted photos of what I saw by the river at my website